Requirements to use BigCommerce on WordPress:

  • a WordPress blog or site (self-hosted)
  • the BigCommerce for WordPress plugin by ModernTribe (Free)
  • a BigCommerce store or trial account
  • your store's shipping, payments, and tax settings need to be configured
  • Optimized One-Page Checkout enabled in your store's Checkout Settings
  • an SSL certificate for your WordPress site (if you are using Embedded Checkout)

Useful Links

  • BigCommerce customization guide - LINK
  • Modern Tribe's BC Plugin Code Reference - LINK
  • BigCommerce Townhalls - LINK
  • Supported Features - LINK



All of the BigCommerce for WordPress template files that render on the front end can be found in the templates/public folder. Templates within the components subfolder render smaller content blocks within your theme’s template, while two control the entire page:

  • single-bigcommerce_product.php: The template for rendering a single Product post.
  • archive-bigcommerce_product.php: The template for rendering the Product post type archive.

These templates may require modification to match the styling of your theme. Both templates call get_header() and get_footer() to render your theme’s default header and footer. The page content is rendered inside the wrapper template found in components/page-wrapper.php. By modifying this wrapper template to match the HTML markup of a template in your theme, you should have consistent styling across your site.


BigCommerce for WordPress uses PostCSS, a JavaScript tool that accepts CSS with special additional syntax and compiles it into normal CSS. Combined with PostCSS plugins, PostCSS offers many of the core features of CSS preprocessors like Sass, with less overhead.

PostCSS modules are contained in the asset/pcss directory. The assets/css directory contains both the minified and uncompressed versions of the CSS files created during the PostCSS build process.

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